June 9 and 10

Starting at 7 p.m. (Brasilia Time)
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“It is possible to produce and preserve. Brazil is at a unique situation to lead this movement, worldwide food production together with environmental preservation. With technology, innovation and scientific agronomic development, ICLF serves to consolidate such vision.”

Paulo HerrmannPresident at John Deere Brazil


Santa Brígida Open Farm is a virtual conference that is going to cover themes with international relevance about integrated, sustainable production in the Brazilian tropics by using the Integrated Crop-Livestock-Forest system (ICLF) technology.

Farm Day at Santa Brígida Farm has had a fundamental role in the spread and adoption of integrated production systems over the last 15 years of its existence. It has supported the growth of ICLF in Brazil – and over 42 million acres have so far been integrated using ICLF throughout Brazil.

In 2021, Santa Brígida Farm is going to open its doors to the public by welcoming several speakers and offering an agenda that is relevant to both the countryside and major cities. This event is going to connect those who would like to discover how the Brazilian agribusiness has a leading role in the mission of feeding the world sustainably.

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“The evolution of agriculture, together with the expansion of the sustainability agenda is what propels us as leaders in this area. Farm productivity, environmental preservation and food quality are interdependent. And that is why we spare no efforts to contribute directly towards such goal while informed by the concepts of regenerative agriculture.”

Guillermo CarvajalHead of Sustainability at Syngenta


“With the world’s populational growth and climate change, Brazil is under the spotlight for being a major producer of food. However, several challenges must be overcome to achieve sustainable production while respecting the environment and the human being. Therefore, one of the most feasible innovations is the integration crop-livestock-forest.”

Celso MorettiPresident at Embrapa


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“Dealing with the current challenges requires a systemic approach that manages the complexities in a sustainable, responsible and ethical manner. The conversion of degraded pastures into ICLF systems without clearing additional native vegetation areas and with intensive environmental preservation may turn Brazil into the world’s first agri-environmental power.”

Renato RodriguesBoard Chairman of the Rede ILPF
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